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About LunaTac - Kendama Innovation

Our mission at LunaTac is to promote progress in the Kendama world through innovative Kendama accessories. Our flagship product, LunaTac, was the birth of a simple idea that sparked many others.


Our Mission

LunaTac's mission is to promote progression in the Kendama world through innovative Kendama products. Our flagship product, LunaTac Weights, was the birth of a simple idea that sparked many others after it. How can the Kendama experience be enhanced and grown in new ways? This "what if" idea lead to many more Kendama accessories such as Trainer Tamas, SlayBands, and others on the way that will change the Kendama landscape. At LunaTac, our hopes are to make Kendama even more enjoyable for players of all skill levels, helping them all unlock new tricks and progress at an even faster rate, bringing this sport to new heights and an exciting future.


A serial-entrepreneur, Stephen has a passion for building businesses and influencing communities with positive change. With a belief in community over competition, Stephen loves sharing his experiences to help others succeed. Working as a professional filmmaker & photographer, LunaTac was birthed out of Stephen's side-passion for Kendama. In between editing projects, he loves a quick (or not so quick) Kendama session. Stephen is a firm believer in kaizen, a Japanese philosophy well known in the Kendama world. This idea of "change for better", a continuous chase of improvement and bettering oneself and others. He believes LunaTac's innovative products will bring kaizen to the Kendama community for years to come.