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SlayBands v3 - Limited Edition Colorways

SlayBands v3 - Limited Edition Colorways

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SLAYBANDS v3 // Limited Edition Colorways

At LunaTac we're all about innovation and progress. The same goes with our products. We're constantly innovating on our own products to make them even better. SlayBands have been a huge success and it's been crazy seeing them shipped all over the world. Kendama players worldwide are using these bands to improve their skills, train on new tricks, as well as accessorize and protect their most prized kendama setups.

These V3 Bands come in some amazing eye catching colorways and are enlarged more than ever. Make sure to check out the comparison photo to see the size difference between these and the V2's.


  • #SlayLunars hashtag embossed on each band.
  • Place around small or big cup to add weight for Lunars.

  • Thicker bands provide lots of grip and control for birds and stilts.

  • Place around any cup to add protection from chips when dropped.

  • When not in use, SlayBands can also be worn as rings around fingers or thumbs to add additional grip and style.

  • Fits any Kendama (please see our How-To page for tips on how to install)

  • Larger size = Easier to Install & Less Prone to Breaking!

    Some colors are much more limited than others, SlayBands V3 are sold on a first come first come first serve basis.