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The Experience

The Loon comes flat packed in a luxurious padded custom foam case. Because Kendama is not just about instant gratification. Kendama is about enjoying the process. With The Loon, we encourage you to soak in the process, the experience of assembly. The satisfaction of creating something new with your hands, making it your own and custom fitting it to your playing style.

The Play

This premium kendama has been refined over and over for ten months to perfection. Every little detail amplifies how the Kendama plays and feels in your hand. From the fingerprinted twin shaped sarado, to the classic LunaTac base cup reduction. Each feature is crafted with a next-level mindset. The LOON is for innovative players who are not afraid to push the boundaries of Kendama.

The Details

THE LOON is a premium kendama with never-before-seen features in the Kendama world. We spent 11 months refining the shape to create the perfect dama for all around play.


  • THE LOON KENDAMA SWORD - Thin design which is great for slinger tricks, yet a chunky thick geometric swoop base with base cup reduction hole for #SlayLunars! The Geometric Swoop with Signature Triple Stack Slit Stop is a key feature of THE LOON. This custom design is a powerful combo that adds just enough bulk where you need it for taps and stalls. It hugs your hand for next level grip while keeping the overall Kendama design thin and optimized for Slingers, Lunars and Stilts. Don't be surprised when you start landing tricks on THE LOON you only previously dreamed of.


  • THE LOON KENDAMA SARADO - THE LOONS cups are a modern size, deep and hug the tama like there's no tomorrow. The top of the sarado features a fingerprint design which adds the perfect amount of grip to stalls. The cups feature a symmetrical twin shape, a controversial feature in the Kendama world. Here at LunaTac we love to release experimental products that push the boundaries and encourage Kendama players unlock tricks we've all only dreamed of in the past. We believe this innovative shift to a symmetrical twin cup shape will empower a new style and unlock the next generation of tricks much like the twin shape did for Skateboarding in the 1990's. Before then, skateboarding was limited and contained within a box. After the symmetrical popsicle shape was invented, skateboarders took the sport to new heights. When you play THE LOON, you'll feel this same inspiration. This twin shape gives you a flow like you've never had before.


  • THE LOON STICKY PAINT TAMA - Everyone loved the paint on the Giveadama, so we used the same formula on THE LOON. On the Tama you'll find multiple tracking designs and a perfect sized bevel. The sticky paint has a clear coat over a maple tama, showing the grain underneath. The bottom of the tama has bright LunaTac blue section for spotting the bevel. On the top of the tama you'll find four moons engraved as an homage to our #SlayLunars inspiration.


  • FREE BEARING BEAD - No more tangled strings messing up your tricks
  • FREE EXTRA LONG STRING UPGRADE - This string is our own personal secret weapon,  we don't sell anywhere's amazing. Trim it to your preferred length, we made sure to include extra!
  • FREE COLLECTOR'S CARD - For LunaTac Insiders & Early Adopters Only