Kendama Innovation


Shipping to Sweden & Beyond!

We're proud to announce today LunaTac has partnered with Kendama Nordics to offer our products to those in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway! This is very exciting news because many of our Instagram followers are from this area and are dying to try LunaTac products.

The Kendama scene in the Nordics is exploding right now! It's sweeping the countries and gaining more and more popularity every day. It has been so fun to see the young talent from that region growing. We can only imagine how good these young players can grow up to be if they keep at it!

We have sent a large batch of products to Kendama Nordics which they will be distributing throughout their region and will be sending more batches soon! If you're in that area and are looking at getting your hands on some LunaTac goods, look no further! Kendama Nordics is your one stop shop!