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Kendama Accessories - Introducing Trainer Tamas

Well this one might be our favorite yet. These things are just so addictive to play with we've been barely getting anything done around here! Here's a little promo slideshow we threw together for Instagram:

This week at #LunaTac we've released two innovative Kendama accessories we believe will change the Kendama world. Innovation will lead to faster progression and even more INSANE tricks in the future. 

Our products are not meant for competition, rather to be used as training tools to learn and progress faster. The third product we're releasing today is just the same and we're so excited to get it into your hands soon! 

Introducing LunaTac Trainer Tamas. These Tamas feature wider-than-ever bevels to help you learn those spike tricks, those birds and those stilts. Start with an XL (this bevel is MASSIVE) and learn your trick. Get down the muscle memory and then move down to the smaller Large size. After you master that you're ready to put back on your standard Tama. 


Trainer Tamas are gorgeously crafted from grainy natural ash wood that breaks in so nicely over time. Featuring tracking lines around the circumference and a LunaTac tracking logo by the top string hole, these Tamas are straight fire. If you pair these Tamas with SlayBands, it's a crazy combo. Birds for dayssssss! Go get em friends, and make sure to TAG us on Insta when you absolutely slay with these bad boys!

Trainer Tamas
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