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Kendama Accessories - Introducing SlayBands

After inventing LunaTac Weights we instantly thought of a companion product. While LunaTac Weights can add a whopping 15 grams to any setup, sometimes you don't need as much weight as LunaTac Weights offer. This is where SlayBands come in. These little ring bands can stretch around your Kendama and add 4-5grams per band. See the Lunar king, @feather1___ from Japan in action using a SlayBand:

SlayBands not only add weight, they add help with tracking in the air and add protection to your beloved setups. No more fear of dropping your ken on hard surfaces because the bands will protect it from chips. Any experienced Kendama player knows the pain of chipping a cup! SlayBands protect your Ken against drops and provide extra tracking assistance during juggles and flips.

When not in use, you can just leave SlayBands on your Kendama, or wear them as rings to show your #SlayLunar love.

These bands were designed with Lunars in mind...but after sending some out to our product testers we quickly realized they are AMAZING for birds and stilts as well! Check out this bird line laced by Jake using the SlayBands, nice!

We're so stoked to get these SlayBands out to you all to try out. We know you'll love them! Make sure to tag us on Instagram if you're slaying lunars or using any of our products and we might feature you! #SlayLunars

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