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Kendama Accessories - Introducing LunaTac Kendama Weights

LunaTac Kendama Weights have arrived. We just sent out the first batch of #LunaTac to some Kendama influencers from our Instagram community and the feedback we've gotten so far is amazing. What is LunaTac you're asking? Moldable weights, made of tacky high density metal. Add weight where you need it most and unlock Lunars like never before! Watch our promotional film here:

Shoutout to Jake Bishop for the #SlayLunars action in the video! Here's a note from our founder and filmmaker Stephen Diaz's Instagram on the technical aspects of making this film:

For this promotional film I implemented some really fun and new techniques that I have been wanting to try for so long! 
1. HAZER! You've seen on my Instagram stories we got a Hazer (found an American DJ Hazer used on eBay). This is so great for creating an atmosphere and texture to the air. It's also softens light and just makes things look dreamy. On a normal shoot, I wouldn't use so much but for this specialty shots I really wanted to go over the top. 
2. LENS WHACKING! For this technique I used a pancake Canon lens. Lens whacking is where you detach the lens from the camera body which gives dreamy focus effects as well as lets in natural leaks of light which look amazing. 
3. THOSE TRANSITIONS! I have done transitions similar to this before within Premiere Pro but a friend of mine recently introduced me to a new transition plugin that allows you to do them way faster in After Effects. This thing is insane and I had a ton of fun playing around with it.
All and all, super fun shoot. Oh and the super slow motion time-stop effect? Strings. Paired with all the things above this effect looked insane, love it! Gear used: Canon C100 Mark II, Canon 5D Mark IV, Westcott Flex Bi Color Studio Lighting Kit, American DJ Hazer

LunaTac products are not meant to be used in Kendama competitions, rather as training tools at home to learn new tricks faster...not to mention they make Kendama WAY more fun too! We are here to promote continual progress and make Kendama fun for people of all skill levels and are so excited to get LunaTac Weights out into the world. 

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