Kendama Innovation


Pendamas Are Shipping!


We get pretty excited about new products around here, but we haven't been THIS excited about a product ever! Why? Because this is a product that we have fully designed and invented which makes it extra special to us!

The Pendama has been getting hyped up for quite some time on Instagram, Downspike, FKC, and other Kendama related sites for about three months now! During that time we've gone from a very rough prototype to a working prototype, to a better working prototype and finally after refining it even more we've arrived on our final shape and design!

As of Saturday, March 25th, these bad boys are shipping all over the world! We cannot wait to see what you do with the Pendama! A lot of the tricks possible are similar to a Kendama, but there are some really new ones like the T Stop and others that take Kendama skills, but also build other skills as well. We're excited to see as the Pendama community grows and more tricks are invented!

The Pendama has been really popular among Kendama players, but we hope to expand it to a new market outside of Kendama that will hopefully bring more people into the Kendama scene through the Pendama. If you know of someone in the office or at school that you think would enjoy playing with a Pendama during their work breaks or in between class, definitely send them our way!

For more info about the Pendama and to see our LEVEL videos 1-5, definitely check out the Pendama page here, also you can always visit for an easy to remember URL