Kendama Innovation


SlayBands V3 - Limited Edition Colorways

At LunaTac we're all about innovation and progress. The same goes with our products. We're constantly innovating on our own products to make them even better. SlayBands have been a huge success and it's been crazy seeing them shipped all over the world. Kendama players worldwide are using these bands to improve their skills, train new tricks, as well as accessorize and protect their most prized kendama setups.


We heard suggestions from the Kendama community with SlayBands V1 and V2 and have improved the design of the SlayBand even further with this third iteration of the accessory. We have made them bigger than ever and thicker than ever! With the growing kendama size, having a large band is key to being able to get these bands on without hurting your fingers or snapping a band.


One of the most exciting things about these kendama accessories is hearing the stories that come with them. Hearing how someone landed a bird for the first time ever, or unlocked some crazy combo by using the SlayBands to help them train their muscle memory. These bands are great training tools and are helping Kendama players all over the globe hone in on new tricks and combos daily. 


This new V3 version of SlayBands comes in some sweet limited edition colorways. Black is our classic color which we have higher quantities of...but these other colors we made a very small batch of: Camo, Metallic Silver & Gold and Pure White. If you're interested in trying out V3 SlayBands, pick some up in the shop today!