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Kururin, The Amazing Desk Toy for the Fidget Skill Toy Loving Crowd...and Everyone!


Some people call them Mokuru, some call them Jammers, while others call them Kururin. Whatever the name is, whoever claims they're the "inventor" next, it doesn't matter. What matters is we love them and so do many others! The Kururin has been our most popular product to date and we love seeing the fun these simple little skill toys can bring to any situation. 


Recently, I was visiting some friends and brought this little fidget toy along for the trip. Busting it out on the dinner table after a meal was such a fun way to play and brought smiles and laughs to all around. People would stop and ask, what is that thing? Then when they saw it roll in the magical way that Kururins do, they were amazed and the next thing out of their mouth would be, "can I try?!?"

The Kururin, like the kendama, is so simple yet so complex. Some of the tricks people can do with these little things is mind blowing. A simple search on Instagram of #Kururin will inspire you to achieve some new awesome tricks.


Our premium wooden toy like the Kururin is made of a amber Padauk wood with beautiful grain. On the top and bottom of this fun new desk toy, we have the LunaTac emblem engraved into the wood. In the middle, we have a tracking design so that you can always know the center of the Kuruin. Fun fact, when spun on a table, it makes a cool pattern!

Our Kururins come in two versions, with pads or without pads. Most people go with Pads as they make using the Kururin and doing more advanced tricks easier!

So whatever you call it, if you want to hop on this Mokuru, Jammer, Kururin craze, pick one up today in our online shop: