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LunaTac Team Announcement Video

At LunaTac, we're constantly looking for ways to help the Kendama community grow. One of the ways we make this happen is by sponsoring team players. Because we do things differently around here, we're sponsoring two different teams at this time. Our sponsorships are also non-exclusive because we believe in community over competition among kendama companies! What this means is our players can use other products and rep other companies as well as LunaTac. At this time we're only making accessories (with the exception of the Pendama) so this works out great. We are in the process of creating our own line of Kendamas, but are taking our time to do it right first! We plan to keep the sponsorships non-exclusive into the future as well.

Our first team is "The Slayers", who are talented players who inspire others to new heights of play. Then we have "The Influencers" team. These are people in the Kendama community who have a voice, who are giving back, creating great content and furthering their local or online scene in positive ways. Watch the annoucement film below!

Read more about these team members here: