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SlayBands, Our Most Popular Kendama Accessory, Have Been Upgraded!

SlayBands were such a hit. People all over the world have been loving trying them out on their Kendamas. The way they can add a little bit of weight where you need it most, plus how they protect your kendama from chips, it's a win win combo!

With our second batch of SlayBands also known as SlayBands V2, we increased the width in two areas for a more durable band. They are slightly harder to get on the Kendama, but once they're on it's worth it. 

Check out the promotional film here:


  • SlayBands are great for everyday play. They don't add as much weight as LunaTac can, but definitely help with Lunar Balance, Birds and Stilts.
  • Put them around every cup to protect from chipping when dropped.
  • To stretch them around your cups, use two hands, and stabilize your ken with your knees (or recruit a friend to help). It's helpful to get one side one first, then stretch the other side over.
  • SlayBands are great for tracking. Put them on around your cups and you'll be able to track juggles and other flip tricks way better!
  • Put one around each cup, or even more on the sarado if you have them! Each band adds about 4 grams of weight.
  • When not in use, leave on your Kendama or wear as a ring to show your #SlayLunar love.
  • Want to jam but stay quiet? Slide the SlayBands just slightly out off the cups to create a little rubber bumper. This will play way different as it will be very tacky, but you'll be silent as a ninja!
  • Due to the nature of SlayBands, they're not indestructible. Like a rubber band, they will eventually wear down and break. To extend the lifespan, we recommend leaving them on once applied and not moving them on and off constantly. 

As well as some tricks on how to install them below taken from our How To Page

  • HOW TO INSTALL SLAYBANDS (see video below for visuals)
    • Stabilize your kendama against your body or between your knees.
    • Stretch the SlayBand out a bit between your thumbs or fingers to loosen it up. 
    • AVOID stretching hard and fast as this can cause bands to snap.
    • Slow and steady is the key. The SlayBands used in the film below have been pre-stretched. For brand new SlayBands, stretch them slowly the first time. If your bands feel too stiff, soak them in hot water before stretching.
    • Get the SlayBand around one side of the cup, then slowly stretch it around rim and other side. As soon as it's around the other side, slip your fingers out and you're ready to SLAY!

Pick up some SlayBands in the LunaTac shop today!