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Kururin Desktop Table Top Skill Toy

Kururin Desktop Table Top Skill Toy

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The Kururin ™, like the kendama, originated in Japan. It is a very unique skill toy that you can take with you and play anywhere. It is currently gaining massive popularity in the United States and everyone that tries one instantly has a smile on their face. If you're wondering what the heck this little thing is, just take a look at the hashtag #Kururin on Instagram for some flippy-floppy inspiration. At first glance, these things look easy... like a fidget spinner or fidget toy...but the first time you play you'll realize it actually takes some skill to master. It's harder than it looks! Luckily, it's a very fast learning curve and you'll be landing tricks in no time.

As of May 2017 we're offering one version of the LunaTac Kururin made of European Beech wood. Each Kururin comes with our signature Ring Pads. Our pads are unique in that they have a hollow center allowing the perfect spot for your finger to grip the Kururin during tricks. The pads add lots of grip to the ends of the Kururin, they dampen the sound a bit and they make harder tricks like ghosts achievable!


  • Perfect angled Kururin walls for maximum amount of rolls
  • Premium European Beach Wood
  • Tracking lines around the mid-section
  • Includes LunaTac signature Ring Pads attached